The newsletter of Bidvest Tank Terminals

What does our operation look like?

Our signage, clothing and vehicles are having a makeover.


  • The key feature is the strong lime green identifying all of our sites.
  • Secondary locational signage is on a dark background (‘charchoil’) with the key information in our new highly visible lime green to really stand out.
  • Certain accent areas on buildings will be painted in either lime green, charchoil or a complementary lighter neutral.

Good communication flow was important. We didn’t want anyone to feel a moments concern or uncertainty during our rebrand, so we rolled out a communication programme to let suppliers, customers and transporters know about our name and branding change.

Our operations are at the exact same sites, gantries and weighbridges as they’ve always been, but signage and forms will have a different logo and colours. Communication ran under a headline of “Same sites. New look.”, and we’re glad to say the process has been fairly painless.