The newsletter of Bidvest Tank Terminals

A new view

In October 2014, Island View Storage (IVS) began trading under a new name ... Bidvest Tank Terminals.

Why the change?

When Phillip Moore broke ground for the first tanks in Island View in 1953, he named his business after its geographical area of operation and that's the name we’ve had until today... Island View Storage. It was a good fit ... until we added facilities in Richards Bay, Isando and (for a while) Cape Town.

As the bulk liquid storage industry grew, the Island View area became very densely populated. Our name became synonymous with the area – not always ideal.

So we were looking for a name that better reflected our national footprint and avoided people confusing us with the other companies in the Island View Area, when our shareholder, Bidvest, paid us a pleasant (and timely) compliment. They liked what we do and the way we do it. So much so, that they wanted Bidvest to feature more prominently in our name.

Really, really prominently as it turned out.

The timing couldn’t have been better... and so from October 2014, Island View Storage began trading as BIDVEST TANK TERMINALS

The same sites and legal identity, with a new name, logo and colours.